יום שלישי, מאי 30, 2006

Showing off

Here is my beautiful 4th nephew Nehurai, how beautiful is he????
(very much)

יום שני, מאי 29, 2006

I am a Princess!!!!!!!!!

I always knew this now its official. My friends A& M are getting married soon and as a couple does they have a wedding list at John Lewis. I browesed the list, choose whatever I choose to buy clicked for payment, and there was the title window.Hmmm should I go for Miss? Ms?
Here in the John Lewis Kingdom the classes are only upper classes.
I find ithard to decided should I go for a Baroness or just a humble Miss, but then I noticed that title. It all became clear,My childhood fantasies about being one but given to my parents by mistake were not fictional, my expensive taste in shoes is justified...


here is the proof:
Gift List number 000202xxx

Guest reference number 008171546

Dear Princess Naor

Thank you for using John Lewis Gift List. We confirm your purchase of the
following item(s) from the gift list of...

Luv it!
Mazal Tov to A&M!

יום ראשון, מאי 28, 2006

Kosher London: Why?

I am usually easy to please. I love food and food loves me a very (non)healthy relationship. Something is changing, while writing this I realize I am angry, really no reason to be. Allow me to ask you few questions:

1. Why do they play the worst of Israeli music 2005? Sure they heard of Yehudit Ravitz, Etti Ankri, Ivri Leader, Ehud Banai and more others. Enough with Sarit Hadad and Eyal Golan, it makes me feel like a ZF event!

2. Why do they think that adding a mayonissed tunna (insteasd of PLAIN) to a nisoicse salad is ok? Since when?

3. Why did they take out the green beans from it? why?

4. Why was the shkshuka bland? No reason really, it should be spicy, hot tangy full of spices, burning, tickling your toungue. Not something your nanny can make.

5. Why the waitress cannot undersdtand that tuna on rthe side doesnot mean tuna on the top of the salad?

6. Why a shakshuka and a salad shopuld cost so much?

Waiting to hear your answers, and your guess to the question: where were we eating lunch today???

Three months left

In three months time I will start my journey back, and so much things I havent done in England. I looked back at the list I made last month, and I am pleased to say I visited to of the desired sites, as you can see the blog is very floral.

The sites I want to visit will be listed, but I would like to ask you, my loyal yet shy readers, to let me know to which site you will join me, it could turn to be a goodbye thing, instead me calling you to my room and making you cry.
It can be an afternoon, a whole Sunday or a weekend, I am very flexible.

1. Southend Pier (A will take me there!)
2. Lake district
3. Country side
4. Bournemouth
5. Football Match
6. Cheap town with all the discounts
7. Tea at a proper English Place

יום שישי, מאי 26, 2006

Comfort photo?

Not a good week. in searching to cheer myself up found this photo, took it in Kew Gardens.
Love it, maybe as it reminds me of ice cream in a very odd way? I wonder.

Why I dont like the dentist

Today was the big day, after 4 years of avoiding them, I decided to Join them (Yes, and my 2 weeks old tooth ache more than pushed me).
I went to this lovely clinic my friend S recomended. She is also heavily scared of them , I felt I can trust her.
She was right, the D was nice, warm, funny and understanding.
I explained to him that I dont like Dentists. and Why, that I havent gone for 4 years, and that the last dentist asked me to take valiom before appointments. I even told him I once got my jwa locked on the D finger, he got the picture.
I showed him which side hurts (bottom left). He checked me, took 4 xrays, very CSI style.
And after 30 minutes of pain and tears (from my side) and Profesional amusement, (from his side), he turns to me and tells me he has good news and bad news.
I asked (typically) to start with the good news.
Good News: My left lower side is fine, no cavity. I have some cavity in a right upper wisdom tooth, I might need a filling. So, I asked, whats the bad?
Bad News: He cannot find the reason to my pain. he tried few more things, it kept hurting but he cannot find the reason.

Reflecting back I realize the bad news was the cost of this: £67 for 35 minutes of him stucking his fingers down my mouth, puting ugly stuff for the x ray, exposing me to radiation etc.
but its complete geniousity. He charged me so much money for telling me the everything is fine (who cares about the wisdom tooth? Not me, what doesnt hurt me, wont kill me!)
He wants to see me again, Why not? I am a loely young women with a blance in her bank account.
Not sure I will go to him (In Israel it cost 1/3, and when I scream Ima`le they no they should stop immedetly to cause me pain cause my mom is on the way!!!)
Sure that I made a wrong carrer chice.
I make no money from telling people whats wrong with them, sorry, what they might consider doing diffrently!

יום שלישי, מאי 23, 2006

And I thought I am an independent women..

Well. Yesterday.
Left work in a rush, had to be home before 7:30pm to say goodbye to my cousin who flew back to Israel, and to meet up with my lovely girls from work. (I even gave up going to see Mastisyahu!).
All was fine, North C was smooth, drove 70 miles an hour, please don`t tell anyone, got to East Finchley just befor 7pm, lots of traffic. Suddenly as I am indicating to turn left, I feel the car is getting all funny, and that I cannot push the steering wheel. opps. Luckly managed to pull, parked the car in a relativly safe place, had a look and... the whole tire was flat, and torn. Opps. tried to look for the spare wheel, but the Ford KA designer thought that hiding it will be a good idea. Called my angel friend A. he came to help took hin 10 minutes to find it, we called our friend that owns a KA as well, but she was at the concert, thanks S!
We had to call the AA.The guy showed me how badly the tire was, I am actually very lucky, if it would have blown while I was speeding on the North C. it would not be nice at all.
So..I waited in the rain for 2 hours, didn`t see my cousin, didn`t see my friends, didn`t see Matisyahu. Just to realize thart I cannot do this by myself. I might not be an independant women as I wish to be.
Maybe this is the new femenism??

יום שישי, מאי 19, 2006

16 things you don`t know about me...

1. I am afraid, scared & terrified from the dentist.
2. I passed my driving test on the second time.
3. I am allergic to pickels water, I get itichy
4. I stareted reading at the age of four
5. I never broke a leg or a hand, although I really wanted to
6. My dream as a child was to be a red head, with bracelts and roller skates.
7. I once put a book in the fridge and took the milk to the living room instead.
8. I cannot work without music
9. I love shoes
10. I wish I could sing, but I have an awful voice. J said that I am on the wrong ladder, too high or too low. too complicated.
11. I never thought I would live in London.
12. I am very anxiouse around a big crowd
13. I never had barbie
14. I never worn anything pink, until I got to London
15. I lived in 15 diffrent houses till now, which means moving every 2 years!
16. I always (almost) have fresh flowers at home. it makes me feel at home.
17. I lived in 4 diffrent countries.
18. My first nick name was Shushu. hated it.

יום חמישי, מאי 18, 2006

The Pimms one.

It was not my fault to begin with.
I am usually a responsible humen being and driver.

The begining of Last August
A back grden in Hendon
It was N`s Hen day garden party.
Got there quite excited, took me awhile to find the house. Knocked on the door, intreduced myself to her friends that I never met before, luckly two past collegues where there too. N comes in her eyes covered, wearing a massive ugly rain coat and boots. We all laugh. Great.
There is a waiter there, wearing a suit, as it happens some of his cloths disappear, and he wears less and less. YES.

They served lots of drinks, and lots of fruity drinks, like apple juice, and orange juice, and this really nice juice, not acidy, not sweet, just nice and refreshing. so I had four... hmmm five... actually more like eight cuups of this lovely refreshing drink.
It was a great party, lots of funny games and a underdressed waiter, a bouncy castle and lots of nice juices.
Walked to my car, everything is under control. I had a BBQ party in Loughton to get to.
Suddenly I noticed I will not have enough fuel to get to Loughton, so I drove to the gas station, and when paying was asked to put in my PIN number. Only then I broke up gigling. I could not remember it, couldnt stop laughing. Everything around me seemed to be extremely amusing, specialy all the seruiouse shocked faces staring at me as if I have done something wrong. What could I have done wrong???
I drove (yes, again) to my good friends A&S, as S saw me she asked for my keys. I refused, gigling explaining I have to get to Loughton, she in a very sevre yet worried voice told me I am not going anywhere, and took my keys. Needless to say I spent my night there.
That was the day I discovered the Pimms is an Alcoholic drink!

יום שלישי, מאי 16, 2006

The Cows, or The Cultural Gap

Heard this joke on Monday morning on the radio, while driving to work:
Q: what do the cows do on Saturday night?
A: They go to the movies.

Needless to say,I didnt get the joke, heard another one which I liked better, switched to radio 4 and felt a bit cultured.
During lunch club, at work I shared the joke with my friends, and they explained to me:
Now I get it.


Here is a taster from our new book, soon in the bookshop near you.

Ga-agu-im I say
You are searching for its meaning
I am the dictionary of our misunderstandings

Ga-agu-im I say
You confirm.
You miss England whilst you are with me

Ga-agu-im I say
Craving Jerusalem’s crowded streets,
Consoling myself with the National Portrait Gallery

Ga-agu-im I say
My country is under fire
I want to go home

Waiting for my father to come back home
He died seven years ago,
but still

Ga-agu-im I say
The mountain longs for the heart of the world,
I desire to be desired

Ga-agu-im I say
It’s the lack of belonging
As I Say

יום ראשון, מאי 14, 2006

I DO believe in fairies.

Made a major mistake today, was invited to a lovely lunch, was asked by a 9 years old girl if I believe in fairies. I said no.
She almost started crying. dont ask, diasaster. took me 5 hour to regain her trust, and I had to admit that she convincied me.
So now FYI, I believe in fairies.

Green Wing

Pure Geniousity. I cannot wait for Caroline and Mac to realize they are meant for each other.
C: Some things are misplaced, some are lost for ever
M: and you, are you misplaced or lst for ever?
C: Too early to tell. I might be just misplaced


יום שישי, מאי 12, 2006

Welcome Yuval!

Yuval is name of my new nephew.
I wish you a very happy life.
I am sure your older brothers will help you a lot figuring out how to handle your parents, If you need more advice, please see me.

What a Q!

Last one. Promise.

יום חמישי, מאי 11, 2006

A new word: Geniousity

Yes it is a word, I inveted it, and used for few weekd untill my friends told me it doesnt really exist. Well it does, in my head and therefore in the world.
Usage: varied. you can say, the Mona Liza is pure geniosity. Or "friends" in not geniousity, just a bunch of Jewish Jokes. See its really needed, it exist and its mine!!!

What a day off work!

Took the day off, thanks boss. Went to Kew Gardens, which was one of the site I wanted to see before I leave, (thanks boss again), and it was amazing. the flowers, the ducks, the nuns that came for a walk. loved every second. here are few photos for you to enjoy, and for my Israeli friend, we DO get some sunshine!!!

יום רביעי, מאי 10, 2006

trying something..

אני מנסה לכתוב בעברית. האם זה מצליח?

A Lovely Friday at the Heath

I love the heath, for the wrong reasons maybe.
Here are few photos, enjoy!

יום שלישי, מאי 09, 2006


You want it
you want it so much
when you have it its not the same

what should

יום ראשון, מאי 07, 2006

Crazy about Crazy by the Gnarls Barkley

Cannothave enough from this one, during Shabbat I found myself singing it, Shame its less than three minutes I can do with a 6 minute version.. Since I downlowded it on 4th May I heard it more than ten times. Take away Shabbat and the crazy long working hours, it simply shows that every morning I heard it more than 3 times. But the statisticks are not the point, read this:

I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so pleasant about that place.
Even your emotions had an echo
In so much space

And when you're out there
Without care,
Yeah, I was out of touch
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough
I just knew too much

Does that make me crazy
Does that make me crazy
Does that make me crazy

And I hope that you are having the time of your life
But think twice, that's my only advice

Come on now, who do you, who do you, who do you, who do you think you are,
Ha ha ha bless your soul
You really think you're in control

Well, I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
Just like me

My heroes had the heart to lose their lives out on a limb
And all I remember Is thinking, I want to be like them
Ever since I was little, ever since I was little it looked like fun
And it's no coincidence I've come
And I can die when I'm done

But maybe I'm crazy
Maybe you're crazy
Maybe we're crazy

יום שישי, מאי 05, 2006

My new nephew

He is getting better. Brit next week Please G-d.

Eye Contact by Cammie McGovern

Amazing book, very sensetive, deals with parenthood/motherhood and Autism, and someone is murdered. Much recomended.

How proud am I

My gap year kids made by themselves an amazing film about thier expirience in Israel. They grew up so much, they seem to have changed a bit, the haur style, what they wear. Israel was good for them.
So proud of them. So lucky I had the opprtunity to be part of thier lives. I will miss them.

Yom Haatzmaut Celebrations: the unpredictble side

Well, it was great, I have enjoyed (almost) every second, Does it get easier or am I third time lucky?

the little surprises:
1. Being yelled at by a miserble teenager.
2. The (excellant) sound people taking BY MISTAKE some of the school propertity.
3. out of the 5 educators we brought from Israel only two succseded managing thier belonging. one suitcase was lost and found by British Miidlands, one guy forgot his backpack with £400 in cash in Leeds, and another guy imagined he lost his stuff. and they all are over the age of ss, not the first time over seas. Can you believe that?
4. I didnt forget anything!!!!!
5. My speech was taken away (litrally) by the PR officer, Hmmm, I want it back, Please.
5. The big cheese still cannot pronounce my name correctly. Three years.

יום שני, מאי 01, 2006

Only four months left!!

It brings tears to my eyes. in the very begining of September I will head back to Israel. Don`t get me wrong, I want to go back, but after being here for two and a half years I discovered I grew to love London. Sounds very cheesy, but its true.
I love the grey days, the sunny days, the Bank Holiday Days. The bridges, the church bells, the crisp morning air of April. the music scene, the pubs, some synagougues and the Soho. ans Spitafields market, and Columbia Road flower market. The alternative Jewish scene, South Bank at night, the bar at the OXO tower, Rany`s Take away, Limmud, all the massive Gluten Free selection every where (what happend to Costa`s maffins? havent seen them foer a while!.
I started putting down a list of all the things I have to do before I leave. Please add your suggestion, much appreciated!

1. Ricmond & Q Gardens
2. Lake District
3. Football match
4. the town that has all the brands but much cheaper, any idea whats the name???
5. Bournmouth

Now its your turn!

My newest Nephew Brit is delayed.

You can not really see it in this photo, but he is yellow, so we will have to wait till he gets better, please G-d ASAP!