יום שישי, מרץ 31, 2006

Month of Nissan, the month of Redemption

That`s what they say about this months, started yesterday, which was my brother`s first wedding anniversary, Mazal tov M& M!
My friends N& K saw the safe arrival of thier daghter T. The mother, baby and father are fine and very very happy.
This month will bring us safely my two new nephews Please G-d.
And this is the month I will start looking for a new job.
Another kind of redemption I guess.

יום רביעי, מרץ 29, 2006

Pensioners or Pensioneers?

Last night voting night, not much to say.
I was explaining the results, and the facrt that Israel has chosen to have seven mk`s representng pensioneers.
And of course made some mistakes, for more than an hour I kept saying Pensioneers (rymes with Pioneers).
Until my friend S pointed it out. Thanks. Gosh. again.

Have I told you the one about Geniusity?
Well, not now. later.

יום ראשון, מרץ 26, 2006

Maybe Maybe

So I realized today, in spoken English we can distinct between different meanings of the word Maybe

There is the excited Maybe - it’s a definitely maybe, almost a yes with some minor commitment issues.

There is the cold, correct and proper maybe, which actually means: NO

And there is the Maybish Maybe, quite hesitant, not certain, that reminds us of the shyness, itchiness that we encountered when hearing a Maybe for the very first time.

יום חמישי, מרץ 23, 2006

Yosef and the Pesach Connection

Done some learning lately. About time, isnt it? Found myself reflecting on Yosef, the dreamer, the orphan, the leader, the shrink, the loved son, the hated brother, our future leader. Since I first learnt about him (I think it was 5 or 6 years ago in Ellul, Jerusalem) I found myself trapped. I felt there is a secret I have to discover. Something is unsolved here.
There is a midrash saying that because the brothers sold him for sandals, the 10 Righteous men were killed. (Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Hananya ben Tardyion Rabbi Yishmael Its all mentioned in the beautiful Piut "Ela Ezkara" which is recited on Yom Kippur)
The baddies of that time looked for justice. historical justice, if Israel were not punished yet for selling Yosef, now will be the right time to do so. Killing those ten men balanced the open bill.

Later on I found the Poem Vhi Yosef by Nurit Zarachi, she tells Yosef story`s as of a young girl, embarrassed to be a women, hiding her self away from the brothers, having her own pivate world missing her mother.
What is hidden there, how come so many diffrent stories, crossing from Gender, to mesianic philosophy, to family psycology are all in one character?

not much of an answer here.
Just a wonder. Yosef is heavily present in the background of Pesach.
Just a small example, thanks to Rabbi J.
Yalkut Shimoni
...Said G-d to the tribes: You sold Yosef to be a slave, for this you will now yearly have to recite "we were slaves to pharoah in Egypt".
Are we responebile in any way for ourselves being slaves in Egypt?
I think the Yalkut will say we are. What can we learn from that???
So behind the Haggada, across the chicken soup and the Matzah, near the afikoman, not bothered at all, is Yosef. Sitting in her tent, wearing Ktonet Passim, his eyes are closed, a mona lisa smile. he is dreaming, alone by herself.

I havent solved it yet. Its not clear. I will keep on.

יום רביעי, מרץ 22, 2006

Guns or Roses?

Yesterday in my office, around noon time, I looked around andnoticed I have, near the folding cabinet two water guns.

No Idea how they got here.
I also had a full bag of potatoes and few ants, but they are all gone.

יום שני, מרץ 20, 2006

The good business list

I usually get very angry dealing with insurence companies, banks, or any offical paper work, and the dentist, but that`s a very diffrent story.
I thought to put down the good business I discoverd lately.

1. Nationwide. Why? you already know. Yes the Ipod.
2. Costa Coffee. Not only they dont charge extra for soy milk as Stardust do, they also have...Gluten Free maffins! Great. isnt it?
3. Good Gifts. amazing. check it out http://www.goodgifts.org/goodgifts/
4. now its your turn, add your favourites, and make the world a better place.

Jewdas Punk Purim - even the gaurdian was there!

Look at this!

Have to say it was good.
Not sure about the Lubavitch Rabbi having a fag, but well, its Hip Purim in its best. aint?
I wonder what could we do to revive Pesach.

יום ראשון, מרץ 19, 2006


Overheard this conversation last night at the most crowded party I have ever been to:

A: Hi, they are giving out free Hamantashens.
B: What`s Hamantashens?
A: Its Haman`s ears.
B: Who the f*** is Haman?

Loved it.

Great Jewish weekend in London, Punk Purim in the East-end, the Eretz Israel exhibition at the Proud gallery in Camaden, and Radio Gagarin in Notting Hill, alternative Jewish scene, Not in Hendon/West Hampstead!
A new funky kinda Jew Do
What`s Next???

יום שישי, מרץ 17, 2006

No to Mini, Yes to Nano

Nationwide called today, they received my claim, and my new Nano Ipod is on the way.
My friend A said I should get a black one as its cool.

I am getting a white one, black is bad energy.
I just feel that if its not my glossy green mini Ipod, it doesn`t really matter.

I cannot wait till Wednesday.
Thanks Nationwide!

יום רביעי, מרץ 15, 2006

To vote, or not.

Tomorrow I am voting.
Am I?
Not sure what to do about it.

So much in Israel needs to be mended and healed.
So little our leaders are offering.
(Why are they so angry?)

I wish Moses could come and help out for a while.

I am now off to search for my documents- I could`nt find my "announcemnt for the voter" that I must to bring with me.
I might be saved!!!

Who would you vote for, and Why?


Taboo or to boo?

Hamen, the one we are meant to actively forget
Is the (evil) line up of Purim.
We all remember him.

Hamen, the evil, had a wife, family and friends

Just a thought.

יום שני, מרץ 13, 2006

Why I don`t like Purim

1979. I am a clown, red-blue-yellow shinny fabric. I loved it. My face coloured. I thought that me and my sister had the best costoums in London Ontario, Canada.
1980. No recollection what so ever. none.
1981. I am the night fairy. Not happy. Wearing my Aunt`s dressing gown, very sillky, smells Esttie Lauderish. I have star stickers on my face. Some (essential) make up. Why???
1985. I am a delivery boy. Loved that costume.
2003. I am a teletubbie, the purple one. took the head cover from my nephew.
2006. Tommorow night. No Idea.
What about you?

יום ראשון, מרץ 12, 2006

Swan at the Heath. Was he ever ugly?

First Timer!

I have to admit, I am excited. Some of you probably wonder why.
Why is she doing that?
Why can`t she use her time in a better way?? and
Why, why the one with the spelling mistakes.
I guess you found they answer allready.
I will try the best to ensure I am not abusing the English language, but I cannot commit.