יום שישי, אפריל 25, 2008

Hametz wars

So in London you get Matza wars, here in Israel: Hametz wars.
Due to court the rulling is you can sell hametz in non-public area. Hence yes to supermarket(which is not a public area for some reason), no to a kiosk. sounds quite strange, right?

So this haredi Yeshiva guy reads the law and discovers the only similar law is the one the prohibits being naked in...public. and again - your near by supermarket is not public by law. He is angry be the verdict that allows to sell bread during pessach, he thinks - What can I do to get people understand what`s wrong, and he finds a way.

So he goes to Tiv Tam in Bat Yam, check there are no minors around (it against the law to be naked near minors, just in case you had a thought), gets complitely naked but a sock coveribg his privates.

He called the police before he got naked, so they will come and stop him. Whwen they get there he explains we he done so, and no, he is not mentally ill.

I say: well done, a creative way to get some PR and show how weak this court rulling is.

What say you?

יום חמישי, אפריל 24, 2008

קרוקס במהלך ירוק
So this guy calls, he says his first name, last name and the city he lives in.

Is he live on CNN?

Tbilisi, Georgia Feb 2003

My first trip to Amsterdam winter 2003

יום שלישי, אפריל 22, 2008

אתר חדש למען פליטי דרפור.
What`s the opposite of "Falling in Love"?
How would you call it?

Climbing back to reality?
Correcting vision?
growing up?

יום רביעי, אפריל 16, 2008

אייכה-שולי רנד

אייכה באמת?

אחד מהמאפיינים של הרווקות המאוחרת, הוא הסלידה מהחגים.
אותם התכנסויות משפחתיות, הכרוכות בקניית מתנות לאחיינים, אריזת מזוודה ליומיים, הליכה לבית הכנסת וצקצוקים מכל העברים מנכרת את החגים.

לא רק "איך קרה שעוד פסח את לבד, חשבנו ששנה שעברה היה הפסח האחרון שלך לבד". גם אני הבטחתי לעצמי, מיליון פעם, שבראש השנה/פסח/חנוכה הבא אני אהיה עם מישהו. אבל זה לא עובד ככה.

ממילא ללא ילדים משלך חלק מהחגים נראים תמוהים. פורים למשל. נו באמת, להתחפש??? חנוכה, עד מתי אדליק חנוכיה לבד, לשם מה? אני זוכרת את היוונים יפה מאד. ללא "והגדת לבתך" החגים מאבדים משהו מחיותם,
וגם אני בדרך אליהם.

אין לי סיבה לנקות לפסח, כי ממילא אין חמץ אצלי - מלבד אותה חלה סגורה בשקית ניילון המשמשת כלחם משנה בסעודות שבת, אז אני כותבת לי, מסביב שאון הכנות לפסח, השכנים סיידו את הבית הזיזו רהיטים וכעת קובעם מסמרות בקיר.

ואצלי דומיה. בגדים מושלכים לכל עבר. ואין סיבה פנימית לסדר הבלאגן משקף את תוככי הנפש פנימה.

מה אעשה עם חגים אחרים? מה המשמעות שלהם כלפי היחיד הבודד עצמו ללא צורך ללמד את האחר ולהוות סמל - מעין דוגמן מצוות?
שבועות אני עוד מבינה, אבל תכף יהיה שוב ראש השנה. מה אעשה בו???

חברה אמרה לי השבוע, שזה לא שהיא הפסיקה להאמין באלוהים, הוא פשוט הפסיק להאמין בה.

אני מרגישה שאין לאדם יחיד כמוני הרבה מה לחפש במסגרת דתית, יש טעם במצוות ובקיןומן, אבל המסגרת המשפחתית, קהילתית, בית הכנסת, אני מרגישה שאין לי מקום בהם.
אבל גם תחליף טוב יותר לא מצאתי.

יום שני, אפריל 14, 2008

If you need, here is a free Hagadah for Pesach.
Its from the Al Hashulchan food mag and the Ramat Hagolan winary.

Rebranding Zionism

Israel is re-branding the Kibbutzim the Observer argues.
It reflects what some of us, Jewish educators have felt for a while.

Zionism- Out
Inveromintalism -IN.
So they are using this trend to revive the Kibbutzim, and fair enough, it is true. It does makes sense, yet I feel it has to do with some kind of uncomfortableness, that Isrealies and non Isrealis share, Is this fixing zionism and some wrongs in Israel or just trying to avoid the problem?

יום שישי, אפריל 11, 2008

Eretz Nehedert - what`s left from the Israeli Left

here. During the begining of the second Intifada was the first wave of redefining left. I think with all the damage Ulmert and kadima have done to Israeli politics all the left-right jazz needs a major shake up, to say the least. Ulmert resign? yes, why not.

found it here.

How to make flights more fun

1. Have a nail salon at the airport. nearer to the gate the better. You go, pass security, do some shopping, an acusional latte, and your nails. perfect.

2. WIFI on airplanes, come on, there must be a way to allow addicts like myself to check email (or others Facebook status) while on board.

3. Regarding this issue, maybe El Al should have dedicated area, in the back of the airplane just for men?

4. It doesnt matter if you eat the food on the flight or not, you will end your journey with a funny, to say the least, taste in your mouth. I bring my tooth brush on board, but what about those who dont? It should really be included in the meal. a nice tiny tooth brush with some tooth paste. refreshing idea.

5. A Baby area, put all the babies and thier fathers in the same area with some colouring books,a nice mat, soft toys and let all the rest sleep. please.

****Nothing to do with flights, its just happend four hours after I landed. Do not go to funerals wearing crocks. All the sand. and the thoughts about it. not nice.

יום שלישי, אפריל 08, 2008


Loved it, every second of it.
So well organized, great hotel, every little detail is taken care of. recommending watching Praying with Lior- saw few clips seems amazing. another good thing is the Guilt and pleasure magazine, very thought provoking, great design.

Some good discussions about the place of Jewish Day Schools in the community, who is their main concern? the school community? the families? or the general (non) Jewish community? Stories from Durham, San Diego and Denver were shared.
And of course some Limmud faces in the crowd, always makes me feel at home.

As I was waiting to check my email this guy in start chatting with me. he has some strange ideas, and a weired look in his eyes. he wants Israel to be light upon the nationa, but in a kinky way I am afraid. he is looking for an image of an eagle for his next CD, he tells me he is christian, we say goodbye, shake hands, he asks me where I am from. I tell him.


He sighs for a second, telling me he is honored just to talk with me and to have shaken my hand. He should be, right?

Rwanda and Darfur refugees

April 7th is the official commemoration day of the genocide in Rawanda, marking the horrific dark day in 1994 where 100 days of rape, shouting and killing started.

I went to one event and missed another. Jacqueline`s human rights corner, event was about commemoration and dialogue. Survivors told their story, activists shared what the have done, al in a very calmtone, not hatred was in the air just the pain, I was fascinated by Jacqueline, who committed herself as a survivor to prevent the next genocide, and buy Mary Kaytesi Blewitt that founded SURF, their ability to translate the pain and anger to good deeds is inspirational.

other spekers were Yvette Rugasaguhunga, Robert F Van Lierop and Taylor Krauss. It was moderated by Dr. John Woodall.

Few tears and thoughts came to my mind. The narrative, the faces and the described methods of mass killing were too familiar for someone who went through the Israeli Holocaust Education system, and just because of that extremely painful.

We promised NEVER AGAIN.
But it happened again and we didnt do much.
Not in 1994 in Rwanda.
Not now with Darfur.

Definitely not by closing the only clinic that assists the refugees in Tel Aviv.
I am joining Shuki with his appeal and urging you ,my dear readers, to do something about it.
They deserve medical care.
They are refugees.

How can we stand on their blood andargue this has nothing to do with us??

We are spilling some blood here.

Not Jewish blood, but who said our blood is better? Is that why we are ignoring the refugees from Darfur???

We should stop.

Never again, right???

The other event is this:


(NEW YORK, 7th April 2008) Students from across New York united in Washington Square Park to read the testimonies of Rwandan survivors to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide and to call on the Office of the US Global AIDS Coordinator to recognize HIV+ survivors in Rwanda as an at-risk population eligible for antiretroviral treatment.

Students from New York University, Columbia University, Yeshiva University, along with local high schools, each read one of 100 testimonies of young survivors, many of whom were girls raped and infected with HIV and AIDS during the genocide, in The Reading of the Testimonies NYC. It is estimated that almost 3,000 people passed through the square during the four-hour event, which served to reach a wider public to inform and educate more people about the genocide.

The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) currently recognizes prisoners but not survivors as an at-risk population for priority for antiretroviral (ARV) treatment. Despite the fact that many survivors are HIV+ today due to a systematic program of rape and deliberate infection during the genocide, many are denied access to the treatment available to the men that raped them. The campaign launched at The Reading of the Testimonies NYC calls on the Office of the US Global AIDS Coordinator, which sets the policy of PEPFAR, to recognize the plight of survivors and to ensure that they are given equal access to HIV and AIDS counselling, testing and treatment.

The testimonies, which were read consecutively from 10am to 2pm, were supplemented by talks from New York based survivors including Jacqueline Murekatete and Marie-Claudine Mukamabano, as well as Rwandans working to support survivors including Mary Kayitesi Blewitt and Gasana Mutesi. All spoke on the importance of commemorating the genocide and the importance of the event in New York in demonstrating solidarity and support for the cause of the survivors.

Mary Kayitesi Blewitt OBE, Founder of SURF, who lead the event commented:

“Last month, a conference was convened in Canada by genocide revisionists questioning, downplaying and even denying the genocide – reinforcing the importance of today’s act of remembrance. The Reading of the Testimonies NYC not only serves to remember the victims, but by giving a voice to survivors also serves as a call on the Office of the US Global AIDS Coordinator to recognize HIV+ survivors as an at-risk population for antiretroviral treatment. With the Reading of the Testimonies NYC, we ask that the right of HIV+ survivors for equal access to antiretroviral treatment is recognized in the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.”

She added:

“There is no simple way of enacting justice, but by securing access to AIDS Relief then at least women survivors can look forward again to a future. The support that New York students demonstrated today to remember the victims of the genocide, and to support the survivors call for AIDS Relief, is another step towards securing justice for survivors.”

The event was the first outdoor event to be held in New York commemorating the genocide. The event was staged in association with an array of organizations working to support survivors in New York, including Jacqueline’s Human Rights Corner, Kuki Ndiho, Foundation Rwanda, Voices of Rwanda, Agahozo Shalom Youth Village, Amani Africa, Orphans of Rwanda, Wagner Student Alliance for Africa and Wagner International Public Service Association.

- END -
New York is good.
Will write soon about Rawanda, PEJE, brunch and about a guy who told me he is honoured to have shaken my hand.

יום חמישי, אפריל 03, 2008

Moi, the El Al scary flight Feminist

I more a feminist than a religious person.

My seat was 41K.perfect, near the window. I seated my self put all my belongings in the compartments above, got myself cosy and then 5 minutes before take off two Haredi boys around 16 approach my row (41 rocks!), and tell me I am in the wrong seat. No I said. I am in the right seat. Then, without apologizing, while talking in Yiddish among themselves they asked me if I am willing to move, so they wont sit near me, a fabulous tempting women, very very seductive at 1 am in the morning.

I thought about it and said No.

If they dont want to sit near me they should find themselves a different seat.

I could have been generous, tolerant and switch to another window seat they found (Yiddish is a great commonly secret language on ElAl flights), but I felt I am doing it in the sake of other women, why should a women move for a man??? The same with women on buses, why should they move to the back. thje man should. If he doesnt want to be near a women he should make theeffort, she shouldnt hide.

I asked the Yeshiva Bucher,what happened to Kvod Habriot - respect to others, why should I move if he doesn't want to sit near me???

The angry femenist took all over me. One of the guys called me mishegenne.old him he is absalootley charming. needless to say he wasnt happy when I asked him to stand asI wanted to go to the toilets.

Imagine it yourself.

And I am proud of it.

יום רביעי, אפריל 02, 2008

אני נוסעת הערב לארה"ב. ניו יורק, דטרויט, ניו יורק, בוסטון, ניו יורק, לונג איילנד.

מתארחת בקהילה קונסרבטיטיבית לשבת, משתתפת בכנס,
מעבירה פעילות בבית כנסת ונחה.


ויהיה טוב.