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יום ראשון, אוקטובר 28, 2007

I came across this blog a year ago, since then I was looking for it and couldn't find it. the long name didn't register at all. I spent hours of searching for it, thought it would be simple - its about New York and fashion, quite a unique topic, right?

Wrong. Only two weeks ago on the airplane from New York to Cincinnati I was flicking through the Glamour Magazine someone left (thanks)on my seat. They had an article about the best Jeans to suit your figure - or something like that.
I looked at the photos and my heart missed a beat. From the first glance I recognized its him. THESARTORIALIST. I found him.

I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I do.

יום שישי, אוקטובר 26, 2007

עכשיו לי יש שפעת
ומרק עוף לא עוזר.
I painfully love this post.
Please prove Bas Melech is wrong.

יום שלישי, אוקטובר 23, 2007

Good Things

My brother just had a baby boy.
Tommorow I am on the radio.

יום שני, אוקטובר 22, 2007

Coolooloosh Promo Movie

are here, great music, enjoy their promo video

I heart rats

As someone who rarely goes to the cinema, I tend to grasp and live the film for a while. It happens to me quite often with fiction or poetry. When I read AB Yehushoua`s Mr. Molcho I started thinking like Mr. Molcho. Few poems by Shimon Adaf, Sivan Har Shefi, Leah Goldberg and Admiel Kosman have a similar effect of me. I memorize their lines and their own words come back to me in special moments.

I am serious now. A mouse passed in front of me. I am fond of pets, not rats. I would usually feel scared or disgussed. but watching Ratatouille made a difference in the way I view animals, or more precisely, rats. Seeing this rat running, pausing looking around, maybe even sniffing, made me realize the power of film as an art and as an educational tool.

And poetry even more.
I just want to clarify:
When I wrote about the need replace Ehud Olmert, I did not meant this in any way form or matter.

Specially not this month.

יום ראשון, אוקטובר 21, 2007

Where is the good coffee in Manhattan hiding?

Its doing it very well.

יום חמישי, אוקטובר 18, 2007

Wanna be a Jewish Educator?

Jewish Education is tough.
we are underpaid, our audience is shrinking daily, thanks to death and intermarriage and off course assimilation. We see our friends buying house while we pay rent, they get weekend in fancy hotel while we see a free lunch and learn we run as a free be.
Its a tough job.
In this visit to Houston (the best place on earth outside Israel), I discovered the glam side of it. The Limo, the nice hotel and the double-king size-8 pillows bed, convinced me I should stay in this profession.

Not to mention my favourite stuff, that makes me tick:
Jewish day schools, extra-curriculum Jewish Activities, the Feminisastion of Rabbinate, Collaborative fund raising, Cross denomination Jewish Education, Jewish Literacy and Nails.

A New Murphy Law

the one and only time you allow yourself not to pack your belongings by folding them nicely, but rather put it all in the suitcase in a big embarrassing pile and make the best to zip it up
that will be the exact time you will be asked to open your suitcase.
In Public.

יום שני, אוקטובר 15, 2007

There is a teachers strike in Israel now. read what Dudu Roitman says about it.
As some of you might know, I am usually decaf.

Now, after reading this on Wiki I am rather confused. It sounds awful, bad and harmful.

Being healthy is much more complicated I ever thought it would be.

Wanted: A Responsible Adult

Who is the responsible adult around?
Can some show some leadership?
Can someone please fire this guy?

I think we deserve a better PM. or at least an honest one, that might have some time free from police investigations to care about thew people that actually live in Israel.
Like peace, education, gender, arab rights some seriouse stuff I would say.
I am in Houston Texas. the friendliest place on earth. everything is cool. everything I say is interesting.
They have a big convention of farmers from all over the world. 17000 of them, showing each other their potatoes and peppers.

I guess its another way to make a living.
Just imagine a convention of Jewish educators, 17000 of them. What a bore.

יום רביעי, אוקטובר 10, 2007

Leaving tomorrow to Houston Texas. Must admit I am worried. the accent barrier. Iknow that in the first two days my accent will change every other word I say. People might get the wrong impression, think I am mocking them. I am not. I just pick the strogest accent around and follow.

Just imagine. me with a deep southern accent.
goodbye y`all.
ובאותם הימים התקבלה ההכרעה כי לא נותר דבר להציע. באותם ימים תנועות הבוקר הוכרעו על פי יחסי הכוחות בחלום. אם ניצחתי סימן היה שיש לקום מהמיטה. יום ספון בית העיד על תבוסה נגרפת. ויש ענין בלמתוח את אצבעות הרגליים ולאפשר תנועה מהגוף החוצה, מקצות הצפורן הנגוסה מהבשר הערוף לקראת הסדינים הקרירים. הגוף עצמו רובץ. לא נינוח לא דומם. מה יכול להשביע בטן חרדה.

תנועות האויר הנכנס והיוצא החודר למעמקים נכנסות לתוך הבשר המונח דומם על סדין לבן תמדות קלות בירכים מעידות שהגוף שלא בטובתו ניעור לאיטו וממתין עד שיתגבש הסכם תפעולי שיאבטח תזרים חמצן באופן סדיר לכל איברי הגוף יחד עם השארותו במצב לימנלי הכורך הגעת חמצן וויתור מרצון על קשר עם הנותרים מסביב

יום ראשון, אוקטובר 07, 2007

very bad day. part of a bad month.

should I get a cat?

יום שישי, אוקטובר 05, 2007

green laundry

I am trying to be green, to save earth, to reduce carboon, and to reuse/recycle.

But.. Laundry.
It is a problem. I am fine with washing the floor with vineger, cleaning the bath with lemon, and seprating my waste.

But.. Laundry.
Can someone recommend an eco friendly laundry liquid or powder that does take off the stains???

Any ideas?

יום רביעי, אוקטובר 03, 2007

Its a tradition, you see.
I always burn the food for Simchat Toeah.
It ain't funny.
Its burnt.

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ודאות שדה נשמט
אביון מפליג הרחק
ופירות יקרי מציאות

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ארז לב ארי - ליבבתיני

You made me into a heart (Hebrew rocks, no word for this in English)- a great Israeli hit by Erez Lev Ari, using biblical language and metaphores. Shir Hashirim meets Rabbi Shlomo Ebn Gavirol.
The video is not great