יום ראשון, יוני 10, 2007

So its eight days before the operation. I went to the hospital today, to get some papers my Kupat Holim (NHS)needs, no idea why they cannot fax or email it themselves, why on earth would they want to put someone as irresponsible as me in the middle. Of course I got there without the right papers. and its 36 degrees out.
The bright side:
1. It helped being there, it is becoming real, and therefore less scary.
2. I dont need to get the monthly injection. less pain, my gain.
3. I didnt have change so the nice guy let me out withput paying for parking.
4. There is a little mall there, with lots of cafes and fresh juices, and a health store. All sorted now.
5. S is flying in, with lots of mags, sorted.

So its getting better, I can even write about it in my blog. I guess its part of including it in my life. not something to hide or to be ashamed of, its just part of life.

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