יום רביעי, נובמבר 01, 2006

Dear readers, Maybe you can help me. I cannot decide where to live.
On one hand, I want to live in Givat Shmuel with my friend M, We have known each other since year one at school, She is just back from 2 year in New York, we have loads in common. She needs to live in the 03 area (Tel Aviv phone code). A lot of young people in the area, and if I am ever bored Tel Aviv is only 20 minutes away.
On the other hand, I study two days in Beer Sheva - which is 1:20 minutes by train from Tel Aviv, getting t the train station in the morning can take up to 40 minutes. I am probably going to work in Jerusalem, should I live there and that`s it???

You see, I wanted it to be different. Not sure what to do.
Any ideas? advices? Your own experience should you that....?
Please help me!


  1. not really sure i know any of the city's too well, but if you are going to work in one city, stufy in another and love in a nother its a bit crazy, and even if your bored for 20 minutes will you have the will power and phyisical poer to do it. if you want to live in the 03 are and expereince a new life look for a job in that area.

  2. I'd let the writer in you find some answers! Sit down at a nice cafe and do flow writing on topics such as:
    "How do I want it to be different?"
    "What I want my new life to look like"
    "How life would be if I lived in Givat Shaul?"
    "How life would be if I lived in J'lem?"
    "What can I do to make this work for me?"
    You get the idea!! I'm sure with all this writing some subconscious answers will pop up.
    I'm a big believer in listening to the gut/ body rather than the head (which can have us running around in loopholes), so pay attention to anything you're feeling (eg - excited - anxious) as you're writing different things as that will give you some great clues ..
    May also be worth writing out a priority list - listing everything that's important for you to have in your new life and then working out which are your top 5 and ranking them.
    Last bits of "advice"
    Would owning a car make being spread around the country any easier?
    Know that whatever you choose is going to bring all sorts of interesting people and situations into your life
    Know that if whatever you choose starts to feel wrong, you can always make adjustments.
    So, that's my 2p worth. Good luck with getting in touch with what's right for you !