יום חמישי, פברואר 15, 2007

Happiness and Friends - very kitsch, be aware.

I am very proud of my friends. Sometimes we just take them for granted. We tell them how much we appriciate them at thier birthday or after they helped us with our stuck car (thanks A!)
But really. I feel g-d had blessed me with the friends I have. Its not because what they give me, Its about how much I am inspired by them.
I see one of my friends going through a rough time. I see her struggling, I see her confused, and I see she is not giving up. She is demanding more from life. She is taking control back and growing.
I see another one, I was deeply and so wrongly in love with. I see the decisions he made, the price he had to pay for it. I see how he is going from one succses to another, and I know how hard it is.
And I learn from them. Not from these two only, and not just from the support they give thier other friends or me when in need. I learn from the daily proof that life can and shold be better.

They say that this time of the year is harsh and cruel. The bitter end of the winter, the anticipation for sunny promising days that`s not always fullfiled.
And I say - Adar is around the corner - or the weekend, Purim is not far away, its a month we are told to be happy. How can one be told to be happy? surely it should come from an inner feeling, that one has to acquire.
Butyesbutnobutyes, we CAN be told, sometimes its a state of mind. Its looking around and finding a reason to be happy. Just get out from your moody blues and...
When I look around for reasons or reminders for happiness I see my friends, they give me a very good reason to be happy!

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